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“I’m not ashamed to admit it. No, she’s not a bar girl. She’s a good girl. She’s one of the girls that most adventurers, travelers, and bloggers neither meet nor write about. It makes me sad to see what other men write about Thai women. They visit Bangkok, go straight to Soi Cowboy, and 2 hours later they publish an article in which they claim that all Thai women are gold diggers and prostitutes. It’s a shame.What if I told you that there are millions of good Thai girls out there? And what if I told you that a lot of them would love to have a foreigner as a boyfriend? Yes, it’s true. I met one of these girls…and I fell in love with her. I’m proud to call her my girlfriend and I’m even prouder to share all the painful, incredible, and memorable lessons I learned during the past year…”

1. You Can Make a lot of Mistakes on the First Date

In case you think that dating is easy, you’ve never been on a first date in Thailand. Okay, I didn’t have a lot of communication problems. My girlfriend is almost fluent in English. But even without the language barrier, the first date was a bumpy ride.

I made every mistake you can possibly make.

I hugged her instead of greeting her with the Thai wai, a gesture where you bow with respect. What did I do next? I touched her head. Don’t ask me why I did it. I honestly have no idea. And I also had no idea that touching a woman’s head is a huge no-go in the Land of Smiles.

Thank God she didn’t leave the restaurant when I put my fork and my spoon on the table after eating. That’s also impolite. Put them on your plate and you’re good to go.

2. Here’s What Happens if You Kiss Her in Public

Please don’t do it.

I was one of those Farangs. After our first date, I tried to kiss her. Nope, I didn’t try it in my apartment. Then it would have worked. I was stupid enough to go for the kiss while ten people were standing next to us. I did it in the middle of a busy mall.

I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to kiss a Thai woman. Can you? Okay, maybe in the middle of a train while everyone is silently watching you. Anyway, don’t try to kiss Thai women in public.

She will feel ashamed, humiliated, and extremely uncomfortable, even if you are the man of her dreams.

3. No Thai Woman Wants to Date a Stereotypical Farang

Bangkok is a fascinating city.

You see skyscrapers that remind you of New York. The transportation system is better than in most American cities. And the malls and cinemas are more futuristic than spaceships. Within the recent years, this city has evolved to a globally recognized metropolitan city.

The only thing that’s still the same are the foreigners in Chang Beer tank tops.

I once met a guy who complained that Thai women have become too arrogant. I asked him why. He then told me that he has been on three first dates and none of the girls texted him back. I asked him how he dressed.

Apparently, he showed up on the first date with a tank top, Bermuda shorts, and sandals.

Isn’t it weird that she didn’t ask him to marry her?

Come on. Thailand is not what it used to be 50 years ago. You are in a big metropolitan city. Dress appropriately and the girls will react appropriately.

Thai Women and Dating

4. Meeting Her Family is Like Celebrating Christmas

What if you have to meet her parents?

You might think to yourself “oh, that’s not a big deal.”

Yep, you might think that. But she won’t. For her, it’s a very big deal. And it’s even more important for her mom and dad. Remember that you are in a traditional country. It’s not normal for a girl to introduce a man to their parents.

Before I met my girlfriend, she never brought a guy to her house, not even a male friend. Her parents were so nervous when we met for the first time. I will never forget this day.

5. Eating without a Knife is Not that Easy

Have you ever eaten a Steak with a fork and a spoon?

You will, at least if you’re dating a Thai girl in Thailand. Most restaurants don’t even have knives. You have to learn to eat with spoon and fork. But it gets even better. Sometimes they don’t even have spoons and forks and you have to eat with chopsticks.

Good luck with that!

What about the food?

Oh, it’s delicious, but the chili will make your belly weak and the MSG will make your head spin. My advice: Cook your own food. It’s healthier and your Thai girlfriend will love to cook with you.

6. The Reaction of My Friends Was So Predictable

How did they react then I told them about my Thai girlfriend?

Of course, they asked me if she’s a bar girl and they started torturing me with ladyboy jokes. Thank God I don’t care about what other people think of me. Some of them have already met my girlfriend. They know that she’s one of the good ones.

Does that mean that the ladyboy jokes have stopped?

Hell no!

If you want to date a Thai girl, you have to get used to the surprised and sometimes even rude reactions of your friends and family.

Thai Women and Dating

7. Don’t Forget that You are from Two Different Worlds

Being in a relationship with the perfect girl is beautiful. Sometimes it’s so beautiful that you forget that you are actually quite different.

Sometimes I say things that I don’t mean. Maybe you’re like me and you’re fluent in sarcasm. You Thai girlfriend won’t get it. What if you love ironic jokes? Your Thai girlfriend won’t understand them.

Remember that you are from two different worlds and don’t get angry when you have to explain something three times.

8. Communication is the Corner Stone of a Relationship

I hate to say it, but unless she speaks English, or you Thai, a relationship is almost impossible. I say almost because I met guys who tried to be in relationships with Thai women who didn’t speak a word English.

They tried. And they failed.

You have to be able to communicate with each other. Communication is the corner stone of every relationship, no matter if she’s Russian, Colombian, or Thai.

9. It’s Not all Sanuk and Sabai When You Have to Work

Thai women love to have fun. They love to play games. They love to eat out. And they love to get attention from their boyfriends. That’s no secret.

But what happens if you have to work?

You need to establish boundaries. There is no way around it. Unless you want to end up as a broken Farang in a country without any social security system, you absolutely have to follow this rule.

I don’t care if she wants to watch the latest Transformers movie. If you have to work, you have to work.

10. She Calms You Down When Your Western Brain Drives You Nuts

Western people and Thai people are very different.

I worry about the future. She worries about what to eat today. I don’t want to imagine having no money for retirement. She doesn’t want to imagine a life without Bon Chon Chicken.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you’ll love your Thai girlfriend more than you’ve ever loved a woman. Nevertheless, it can be hard to understand her, at least sometimes.

You will go crazy with her relaxed attitude and she calms you down when you drive her crazy with your worries about the future. That’s love.

11. Choose the Right Thai Girl and She’ll Be Your Loyal Girlfriend

I can’t stress this enough.

If you end up dating a bar girl, your life will be ruined. Okay, there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll ruin your life, but the chances are high. I’ve seen it too many times. Please don’t believe a bar girl when she tells you that she loves you.

She’s a prostitute and yes, she’s all about money.

I don’t want you to be another Farang who hates Thailand, just because you ended up dating the wrong girl. There are millions of good girls. You just have to open your eyes.

12. Enjoy Every Moment and Don’t Overthink It

Yes, you have to open your eyes. But you also have to close your ears. Don’t make the mistake to overthink everything. Nobody knows if you will be together forever. All that matters is that you enjoy every moment with each other.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you give it a shot. Seize the opportunity and enjoy the company of a feminine, beautiful, and supportive Thai woman.