Hyper-pigmentation and sun-spot treatment service delivery

made collagen


This is a special deal only 2,500 THB for each whole box of MADE® and GUNA COLLAGEN® (regular price is 6,900 THB) for our valued guests who book our property. For more information, feel free to contact your host, Benny.



This latest treatment is called Made-collagen and is based on the most advanced facial detoxification and skin rejuvenation originating from Italy.  It uses homeopathic preparations such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and cell therapy.  Developed by Professor Made (pronounced Madee), it is the latest cosmetic discovery to arrive in Thailand.

Always searching for effective ways to stay in the forefront of medical science, this is the up-to-the-minute treatment to be offered at their clinic.  Homeopathic collagen facial injections are now offered as an all-natural beautifying treatment and, best of all, it’s non-toxic, hypo-allergic, FDA approved and has no known side effects.


Homeopathic Made-collagen encourages the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural hydration). It helps skin to look its best and dramatically slows the aging process, leaving your complexion smooth and radiant. Patients have noticed a decrease in uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation and sun spots, while sagging skin appeared lifted and rejuvenated. All the researched information was positive; it’s a natural product with so many constructive advantages.

Since this collagen is a natural product, a series of treatments is required, which will over the period make the skin produce more of its own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Other cosmetic benefits include the flushing of toxins and dead skin cells, speeding up the metabolism and stimulating blood circulation, restoring and balancing the body’s immune radicals to prevent wrinkles, and deeply nourishing the skin. Collagen treatments can help you age gracefully and look younger–and that’s something we’d all love, isn’t it?