Bangkok’s cool night market tour


  • Private & Personal
  • Tip included
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

The best night markets in Bangkok offer a carnival like atmosphere with a huge array of goods to browse, and snacks, bars and live music to keep everyone in good spirits. They are the perfect antidote to the ever expanding shopping mall culture that is spreading across the city. Instead of international brands and franchise restaurants, Bangkok’s night markets are the best places to find local items – some crafted by skilled artisans, some pumped out by factory workers, others sourced from second-hand stalls in Europe or Japan – yet you’ll still be able to find stuff on sale that Thais like to buy and not souvenir clutter, for the most anyway. The most surprising thing about the best night markets is how popular they are with the hipster crowd who now think modern is blasé and retro is cool.


Why this trip?

  • FREE RIDE! Private Car to pick up and transfer you to the Night Market.
  • FREE TIP! Our tour guide will spend time with you for 4 hours. Give you travel tips from real locals.
  • FREE RIDE! Private Car to drop you back to your stay.

What makes it unique?

  • This is one on one service meaning that service could be personalized to fit on your budgets and desires.
  • Make you feel safer and keep you away from all Bangkok’s scammers.



Meet up at our meeting point @ 19:00

Drive you to surrounding attraction @ 19:30

Dinner time @ 20:00

End the trip by taking you to night market and chilling @ 21:30